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Creating The Perfect Day: A New Look At Time Management


Have you ever tried to have a perfect day and it didn’t work out as you planned it? The good news is that if you can visualize a perfect day, you can make it happen. But you may have to change the way you think. First and foremost, you need to understand that event management, not time management, is the critical factor for creating the perfect day.

Creating The Perfect Day: A New Look At Time Management



121019_orionid_meteor_shower_lg2Skywatchers around the world are in for a treat tonight, as the annual Geminid meteor shower is poised to put on a spectacular show.The Geminids will peak overnight Thursday night with the moon at its new phase. The skies will thus be free of the moon’s glare, allowing viewers in rural areas to see perhaps 100 or more meteors per hour, experts say.A new and as-yet unnamed meteor shower may also make an appearance tonight, ramping up the celestial display even further.” Meteors from the new shower if any will be visible in the early evening, with the Geminids making their appearance later on and lasting until dawn,” Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, said in a statement.

via Geminid meteor shower peaks tonight – Technology & science – Space – | NBC News.


$550 million will buy you a lot of … misery – Vitals

You surely know by now that the Powerball jackpot is set to hit at least $550 million tonight. You should also know that your odds of winning the grand prize are somewhere around 1 in 176 million (at least, we really hope you know that). So here’s a bit of comfort for you tonight as you stare dejectedly at your losing ticket: Most lottery winners don’t end up any happier than the rest of us.

Yeah, yeah, you can probably name 550 million reasons why winning the jackpot tonight will make you happy. But here’s the truth: A handful of psychology studies over the years have evaluated the happiness of lottery winners over time, and found that after the initial glee of getting one of those big giant checks has faded away, most winners actually end up no happier than they were before hitting the jackpot.

via $550 million will buy you a lot of … misery – Vitals.


10 great Thanksgiving events across the country

You’ll likely be home this Thanksgiving, dining on roasted — or, better yet, deep-fried — turkey and homemade pumpkin pie, but if you happen to have the long weekend free from obligatory family gatherings, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 events celebrating Thanksgiving around the country.

via MSN Local Edition Events Slideshow.

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