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July 14, 2011

Update on foot surgery.

by billthemortgageguy

Most of you know that this week was a “trying” one.. No pun intended..  With about 4 weeks to go until my first Half Ironman(1.2 mile swim, 54 mile bike, and 13.1 mile swim)  I had to go in for immediate foot surgery on both feet due to GOUT!  Something older people get. Go figure!!  I am 36 years old and because of bad dieting habits suffer from a high uric acid level. It truly feels like the worst sprain even and from what I understand forms crystals that poke into the joints forcing pain..



I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, but it hasn’t stopped me from serving all my clients needs or focusing on completing the Half Ironman in August.  I won’t quit on any of my clients or any thing that I have committed to! It’s been two days since the surgery and just visited with the doctor this morning. He was amazed at the healing that has already taken place and said we should be ahead of schedule with getting me out of these ugly boots and back on the course!  Even though a small trial, this has made me have more appreciation for sitting and being still, and waiting…  “Never pray for patience because you will get what you pray for!” As I journey through life, I am continually being reminded of my inability to control circumstances, but as things like this happen it is all about how you respond to it.. Not reacting to it.. That is how we learn. AND there is still a beauty to a storm.  Don’t panic, it will only make matters worse.  THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE KEPT ME IN THERE PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS! 

I hope this experience will encourage you to run YOUR race of life!  Don’t let people say “you can’t, you won’t, or anything that will make you think you have no value!”  There is a purpose for every experience we face!  Run your race with perseverance!


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