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August 9, 2011


by billthemortgageguy

Many of you know that I had double foot surgery 4 weeks ago, but many of you don’t know that last week I tried running 7 miles the same week I got the stitches out!  Yeah, BAD MOVE..  Definitely not the smartest idea, seeing how it literally put me back on the couch for the rest of last week and going into this week.. All in all, I have had one hard week of training to do this race and about 5 weeks of couch time.

Well, this week I had two Doctor’s appointments. The first was yesterday to talk about Gout prevention..  The doctor,  told me that Gout is “genetic” and that its all about getting the levels of  Uric Acid down to a normal range.  I guess mine were 9.6 in 2008, and the range you are supposed to be in is 3-7..  Not very much improvement from all the pills I have been taking. I am at 9.3, so anything small in my diet would trigger an attack..Hence why I have been limping a lot in the past three years.  Gout literally feels like you break or sprain a joint.  It is a form of Arthritis. It’s great getting old, right!?!? I have now grown to the age where I will be taking more Mg to bring the levels down and on a more consistent basis. Hopefully in the next 6 weeks I can feel this stuff kick in and actually have a normal life, GOUT FREE!

Now, the second Doctors visit was for the pain on top of my right foot from the 7 miles.  I was sure I had something broken, but my foot doc said nothing was wrong either! SO NOW NO EXCUSES!!  I had to run this race!   He said to put my foot in ice cold water, and then warm water to get a pulse going back and forth. 1 minute in cold and 2 minutes in warm. I gotta say!  OUCH!  I think it’s helping though.

All this to say the race is still on!  The mental part will be the hardest part to overcome,  knowing that I have not trained well and a potential injury is waiting in the wings if I am pushing this too hard.  Chris “MACCA” MacCormac says this race is all mind and you literally have to push yourself past the pain, so that is my goal for this weekend.  To beat the pain and just finish!!  I will keep you updated!  Have a great weekend!!  Hebrews12


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