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November 8, 2011

Day 2: Post surgery.. What do I do???

by billthemortgageguy


I’m starting to feel some pain today, but nothing too bad. Definitely “not as bad as my ACL injuries or even getting off a 60 mile bike ride with those “tight”shoes! I must remember to have thoughts like this verses the alternative negative ones that linger off in the distance… Choosing the right perspective will only force me to be productive during the 6 weeks of recovery.

The doctor says my Christmas gift is being able to walk with no boot. So that is the goal to shoot for! Christmas!!!

I am very fortunate to have a good doctor who doesn’t believe in chasing the pain either. He prescribed a local anesthetic as well as vicadin for those times I start to feel any pain. If you need a GREAT podiatrist Robin Pastore is the man to go to 630-510-0098.

Throughout the upcoming weeks I have heard mostly bad news about bunion surgery, but right now I am thinking “I should have done this a long time ago!” I would totally recommend it. Just make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor.

As for work.. The show must go on!! How?? The next three weeks will consist of me either working from my home office or getting a ride from my wife. This is also one of those times when I need to allow people to help. For me something so hard to.. I can be very stubborn at times but I have realized it only sets me back from growing through times like this. If I think about it in the sense of what God is teaching me verses complaining or being upset can only produce growth. Something I don’t want to miss out on. I guess you can say this is another part of the race of life for me.. It’s a time of sitting still and using my mind to figure things out rather than running around in this crazy world that we have today. Thank God for technology! You can basically do everything right in your home if you need to. I’m sure it will be difficult times but my focus needs to be clear now more than ever.

Here is a quick list of what I need to focus on:

(feel free to add some ideas, I’m all ears)

1. Daily devotions and journaling. (spirit and mind)
2. Nutrition (don’t want to gain weight)(body)
3. Stay healthy(do what ever excersize I can)(body)
4. Work. (work smarter not harder)(mind)
5. Allow people to help and treat everyone with kindness(especially my wife.. treat her with the utmost appreciation) (spirit)
6. Have a GREAT attitude. (smile more and love everyone)(spirit)

A few years ago my goal was to change..

Change in three areas: Spirit, Mind and Body.

The first being “Spirit”. Learning to really listen, love, and to have an eternal perspective on life verses just the here and now.

The second was “Mind” a clear sense of thinking and having clarity in life. This is the toughest for me, but one of my biggest decisions was made on january 1st of 2010 and it has never been the same since. I stopped drinking alcohol. I can’t tell you how much freedom I feel from letting go of that in my life. Not to mention how it has made me have so much better understanding of life.,

“Body” to live a healthy “lifestyle” excersize, eat better(thanks to Jenny it’s has been much easier), AND go to the doctor for check up(Thank God for the encouragement from my wife to get past my fears with that and to just go!!! Thanks Jen!!!)

All this to say Have a GREAT day!! Smile, say hello to a stranger, love sincerely.. Live a supernatural life verses how the world tells you to live. There is peace even through the biggest storms. Have a great day!



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