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November 9, 2011

A picture says a thousand words…

by billthemortgageguy








As I lay here on my couch, I took a couple of pictures to show DAY 3 of post surgery.. When you sit still you notice much more than the usual.. Time stands still and your ears perk up to listen to every sound..


Things I noticed:


1.  ICE PACKS, to reduce swelling.

2. UGLY BOOT!  In case i need to get up and walk.

3. DAVE RAMSEY BOOK, to learn how to budget!

4. GUITAR, (that I haven’t played in years)

5.  TABLE,  to hold coffee,food , and books.

6. LAPTOP, to communicate with or get information… AND SIT ON MY LAP..

7. WINDOW, To watch birds and people. Or to scare the mail man!!

8.  BLANKET,  in case I get cold.

9.  PILLOWS,  for comfort and to keep my leg elevated.


1. MUSIC,  I have light music playing on the TV..

2. WIND,  The house settles as the wind hits.

3. TREE LIMBS, scrapping against the window.

4.  SIRENS, remind me there is still a world out there..

5.  CELL PHONE, rings occassionally to let me know I am still needed in this world.

6. EMAIL ALERTS, to remind me that I need to be alert..






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