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November 12, 2011

How Do I Keep the Weight Off Through the Holidays???

by billthemortgageguy


Well, it’s 60 degrees and this is the view from my window… People riding bikes, running, playing, and literally LOVING this unseasonably warm weather! I feel like a kid trapped inside for recess!!

Yet something else has occurred to me.. I can’t help but hear little demons calling from the fridge!! Come on Bill!! PLAY WITH US!!! You know you want us…COME ON… EAT MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These next two months are hard enough..Why have this STRONG URGE NOW!?!? Sure, I could have an excuse, POOR MEEE…I’m hurt, there is nothing else to do, BOO HOO…

BUT NO! I can’t..It’s just a trap!! The goal of having this surgery was to make myself feel better, not to dive into a feeding frenzy! This would only lead to more pain and discouragement..

As I realign my thoughts, I realize my new found goal..

Within the next 3 weeks, I must diet.. The doctor says I should be able to get on a bike soon, so there is my first little “nugget” of hope… Small things tend to help when you are laid up.

Though, somehow, that is not fixing the “now”. Sometimes these days can feel like an eternity.. To really stay disciplined it will actually have to become a “day by day” approach. Truly living each day for what it is and not letting tomorrow get in front of the day at hand..

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

Easier said than done, right??? Not really..When I think like this I actually gain appreciation for that day and become thankful. To some a strange concept, but it works… Think of it this way, we don’t even know if we will actually be here tomorrow, so why worry? Make this day count for what it is!

Now, before my surgery, I began taking practical steps by reading tidbits of health books and articles to see what would work best for me.. In the past, I have done the Isagenix diet and lost 30 lbs in 30 days, but this time it’s a little different.. Then, I was “miserably” 230lbs and hurting everywhere..I am currently 200lbs. and even though not as heavy as before I would love to be much lighter.. The new goal… 185lbs.. To accomplish this, I have decided to try the “Garden of life Raw Meal”.. Incorporating two scoops of this along with tart cherry juice, regular 100% cherry juice, and water in place of lunch. Not the greatest taste, but totally healthy and filled with organic protein. Something I really want to focus on for the new year.

The ultimate goal is to learn as much as I can about nutrition. The “little” I know now is based on my wife(who knows a ton), books, articles, and people who work at stores. I actually found a great store in Naperville, Illinois located just down the street from my house; the “NUTRISHOP“. If you happen to stop in, ask for Tim or Tiffany Hauser. They really know there stuff and are even better at customer service! I have never had someone from a retail store follow up after purchasing a product and that was exactly what happened! I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email asking how I was doing! Thanks Tim and Tiffany!! I am a loyal customer and will definitely be back!

As for exercise? I am going to focus stretching and core work outs for now, but in the new year focus on leg strength and running for triathlons. Basically, I am going to do things backwards from last year.. Running is the hardest thing for me to do, so I figured why not learn to love it! I am not sure where this next year will lead me, but I can’t say that I don’t have the burning desire to try a full Ironman.. In fact, I got the “itch” the other day when I watched a “video clip” from “Charles Hicks” who introduce me to his friend, Laurah Turner. Last year we met Laurah and her boyfriend downtown Chicago before they ran Chicago Marathon. I learned through Charles that she is pretty amazing IRONMAN Finisher too! In this clip she explains she had cancer, something I didn’t know when we met, but as I watched became even more inspired to stay on track throughout the next couple of months.. Stories like this really move me and keep me running on my path of life..Hopefully you will be encouraged as well! Keep running your race!

Have a great Saturday!


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