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February 16, 2012


by billthemortgageguy

On Friday, Ashley Pitariu of the WARCHEST Boutique had another great event at her store! I am truly amazed by her creativity in connecting other services to help promote her cause.  A true gift that many business’s miss out on.   With each event she showcases other local business which not only promotes her, but allows her customers to see the others service up close and personal.  It really sends out a statement to others in the surrounding areas of how to create awareness of not only their product but the cause they stand for. 






Janine of the Warchest, Jenny from BellaVeda Salon, and Ashley of Warchest







In this particular event Molly Grace Photography was providing Free photo sessions for each person who purchased an item.  The pictures were then sent to the women who actually made the jewelry.   What a great way to show the women who have been saved from Human Trafficking that they have value in turn building a small relationship to those purchasing the jewelry!  This store is amazing and Molly Bornfriend has now added her own signature on each piece that was sold by providing a beautiful picture as a bonus!
















We at Avenue Mortgage also came to help support the Store!

President David Pendley and Fellow Loan Officer Linda Fox  took part as well!











This is what I love about our company! 

David’s Motto for this year is:


Within the past three weeks we have created committees within our company to create this environment. One being the “Avenue Cares Team or A.C.T.”  which Linda, David, I all have a passion for. The other being our Social Committee which organizes company events every month for our employees.   We truly love what the Warchest is doing for the community, and came to support Ashley in the cause of helping fight against Human Trafficking.

Great Job Ashley!


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