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April 5, 2012


by billthemortgageguy

Within the past few weeks I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to train for the Louisville Ironman on August 26th.. 


With so many miles and three different events, how do I manage training, work, and life??? My concern came the other day when I ran back to back long runs…7 miles on Saturday and 8 miles on Sunday!!  NOT GOOD!!  And as my buddy Nate said, “Out right stupid!!”  Especially being so early in the season.  I literally couldn’t walk the next day and even questioned whether or not I had another stress fracture.  Fortunately, it was just my muscles reemphasizing what Nate had already said..  After this I was determined not to suffer like last year!! By God’s Grace I ran into another triathlete, Todd, who introduced me to Matt Fitzgerald,


the senior editor for Triathlete Magazine, and author of a ton of books. One, in which I started reading a week before I had even met Todd; “Racing Weight”.  

At the time when he mentioned Matt’s name I thought it sounded familiar, but little did I know he would actually communicate with me.. I assumed he would be busy writing, training, and having a life…To my surprise he quickly responded to Todd’s email intro and was very willing to help!  Almost like a virtual coach at your finger tips!  He quickly suggested a plan for me and in a matter of 48 hours I had a 20 week training plan designed to get me to race day! In fact, it happens to be affiliated with the same program I use with my watch!


TRAINING PEAKS is not only something that you can use on your computer, but has a great ap for the I Phone which automatically syncs to  your computer..  It also works much like Map My Run and even allows you to track your food intake.  You can actually micromanage your diet by calculating calories, along with protein, carbs, and fat percentages..  At first, I was  overwhelmed, but after an hour of downloading Matt’s program and inputting my information I can already tell this will put me on cruise control until the race!  Much like a GPS all I have to do is follow the directions and I should reach my goal with no problem!  

A special thanks goes out to Todd, and Matt!!  

Another reason why I love doing Triathlons…

                         This community is so encouraging!






“Keep running the race!!”   Hebrews 12!!!!


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