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AVENUE MORTGAGE CORP.. A look inside from the President. Wheaton’s own David Pendley. Captured by “Seth Deming” of Dekalb, IL!

David Pendley and Seth Deming have captured the essence of  AVENUE MORTGAGE CORPORATION.

I am truly blessed to be working for a GREAT COMPANY and GREAT LEADER.. DAVID PENDLEY’S philosophy circles around the key to success in any industry, INTEGRITY.  His concept of the “3 P’s” has been instilled since my start in 1999 and foundational to the company’s success.  While many other companies are failing we only continue to grow. I have literally seen it double in size within the last two years.. In fact, we are currently trying to find more space to house the employees..A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE!

David’s  “COURAGE”  to go “against the grain” and do what is right has truly been inspiring for me.   I am honored to be part of the Avenue team and follow such a good man.  Thank you for your leadership David!!

SETH DEMING takes a vision, something that seems so impossible to many, and literally transforms it into a piece of ART… In his filming, I could not believe how quickly he shot scenes and how beautiful they turned out!  His eye and creativity go far beyond his years. Truly a blessing to witness.  GREAT WORK SETH!


P.S. I have hired him to shoot a personal video in the spring of 2012..


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