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A Father and Son.. “The Bridge”

The first time I saw this movie was at Harvest Bible in Naperville 4 years ago this Good Friday.. It truly gave me a new understanding of Jesus’ death on the cross and the relationship between God, us, and His Son.. Whew… Tears well up as I write..  Enjoy.. I pray this touches your heart like it did mine.. John 3:16.



The alarm goes off at 8:00AM, still groggy from getting to bed at 2:30AM, I hit the snooze… 8:30AM…I jumped up and thought I am gonna be late!!  Quickly getting in the shower I got ready for Church…  Even though I had little sleep I felt something compelling me to go..  I was running late and couldn’t even grab my normal cup of coffee.. A weird feeling, but it was as if my feet were walking for me..

Once I arrived it was clear to me as I saw the cups and bread, then listening to the message delivered by

 Dan Jacobsen 


and John Hinger

where my focus needed to be.  The message began with them both playing off each others lack of sleep and funny New Year’s resolutions, but  turned into what “I now understand” is the best way to start the year.. Communion.. To reflect on our hearts…  To examine them…  Looking past all the surface resolutions like dieting, organization, working harder,  and to really look deep into our hearts.. Something I had clearly overlooked..

WOW!!  Many people talk about having a balanced life with mind, body, spirit, but here it is apparent that those may be out of order.. As I think about this morning it was a combination of my mind and spirit working at first. The body followed the conscious decision and the heart-felt emotion.. I have even come to the conclusion that when we make the conscious decision to do something our spirit may be affected positively or negatively depending on that action.. I can’t help but think back to years past when I would wake up depressed from a hangover or lacking the motivation to do anything because I made the bad decision the night before, yet today it was different..  The decision I made to go to church was blessed by a great message of priorities.. I am refreshed and feel as if my whole perspective of 2012 is aligned in the proper order by the message these two men gave.  Thanks Dan and John!

My goal for this year is to be as consistent as possible with putting my mind, spirit, and body in order with becoming best I can be for my Savior Jesus Christ, my Wife, and the people I encounter on a daily basis.  We all have a purpose, and it is not the external things that attract others, but how we internally clean our closets that really shine the light.. May your year be filled with JOY, PEACE, and REST!!

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