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HUD’s Donovan on Mortgage Assistance Plan – Video – Bloomberg


March 5 (Bloomberg) — U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan talks about the Obama administration’s plan to extend mortgage assistance to investors who bought multiple homes before the housing market imploded. Landlords can qualify for up to four federally-subsidized loan workouts, as long as they rent out each house or have plans to fill them. Donovan speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

via HUD’s Donovan on Mortgage Assistance Plan – Video – Bloomberg.


Study Finds Appraisal Concerns Dampening U.S. Housing Recovery

“STOP HVCC!!  I used to be able to “call” and “ask”my appraiser if he could get the value allowing me to save my clients $350.00 if it wouldn’t come in.. Even when times were good every appraiser had much different opinions and values. For example, “IN THE GOOD MARKET”  I had an appraisal that was $100,000.00 difference from another..  The guy I used at first didn’t know the area and used a bad comp forcing the value to be way off.. Now, you have to order the appraisal from a third-party and you don’t know who is going out to the property.  Not to mention, not being able to tell them the value you need in order to make the deal work.. The Loan Officer has no relationship with the appraiser and a complete guessing game for them when they get the order..  This would be like a realtor sending you to a random bank for financing and you having no control or say in what they provide you…  The lack of communication is a BAD IDEA!!! ”

“These appraisal practices are a major contributing factor to the current acquisition, development and construction (AD&C) lending crisis that has choked off credit for home builders and threatens to prolong the current housing downturn.”

via Study Finds Appraisal Concerns Dampening U.S. Housing Recovery | Mortgage News | Daily National and State Headlines.


Update on Judy Baar Topinka’s Job Expo in Rockford,IL..WOW!!! If You Missed the Last One There Will Be More! Stay Tuned!!


Job Resouces and Assistance for the Disabled « Homepreneurs’s Blog

This list contains many links to local and national organizations committed to assisting the disabled and their families. Many provided work opportunities and suggestions for how to find a job and employers that hire the disabled.

via Job Resouces and Assistance for the Disabled « Homepreneurs’s Blog.

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