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MY DIET FOR 2012! ISAGENIX “lose 30lbs in 30 days!”

After much thought, I have decided to go with  a diet I tried a few years ago, Isagenix. It truly has a proven track record for me to get to the  ideal weight..and fast! My goal? To lose another 20 lbs.. Why?  In order to try a full Ironman. I would not last at my weight right now.  It would kill my legs on the run from the ACL damage  I had years ago.

Isagenix works.. Here’s proof!   In this picture I weighed 235lbs, but was able to lose 30 lbs in 30 days using the 30 day cleanse..  

My Chiropractor, Paul Dukovac suggested I trying it and it worked!! I couldn’t believe it!  I felt energized and an entirely new person!  I needed something that would make a dramatic difference and fast working. Not something long term that would fade like everything else.  I knew that if I could get immediate results that would be the motivation to continue the healthy lifestyle and it has paid off..  I have not been over 205 since.. Yet this past holiday season made the old habits creep in..SCARY!!

Now, a new goal..  185 lbs. or less at by the end of January!!  PLEASE Keep me accountable!!  I WILL NEED IT!!!  I won’t even sign up for the ironman unless I can jump this hurdle!

Isagenix Products.


Top 5 Diets to Watch in 2012

As much fun as I had this holiday season, I had a rude awakening..   The 24 hour flu!! As I approach my 40’s I “NEED” to watch my diet much more carefully!  In fact, this flu was strictly due to my bad eating over the holidays..  Here is what I found today in researching diets for 2012..  My new years resolution has now become a mission to get to the best physical condition I have ever been..  AND NOT GET SICK!! UGH!!

If 2011 was the year of ridiculous diets—remember the daily hormone injections and 500 calories a day of the HCG diet?—then 2012 looks like a return to sensible eating (Search: What is the HCG diet?). The weight loss programs debuting or being revised for this year focus primarily on whole foods and moderate restriction. Whether you want meals prepared for you, a built-in support system, or a plan that promises to reduce risk from a number of health concerns, you’re bound to find something that meets your needs.

“8 Surprising Foods That Fight Disease”

via Top 5 Diets to Watch in 2012 | Fitbie.

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