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Does Your Heart “Skip a Beat” When Your Pharmacist Gives You the Bill!! STOP AND READ!!

Within the past two years my wife and I decided to switch our Health Insurance Plan to the HSA Plan. A plan that allows those a chance to save more by personally managing their own health costs.. As great as this may be, I can’t help but have my heart race at the price of prescriptions!! Each year we try to take advantage of this “opportunity”, but find ourselves using our tax refund to pay our medical expenses.. In fact, just the other day the Pharmacist asked me for $550.00 as if it were the norm!  I just COULDN’T pay for it, so embarrassed as I was I humbly said no thanks, and pulled away… What!?!?!  My health is at stake!!!! 



There is a way to save!!! 

In my anguish I quickly called my doctor and pressed into the situation and my circumstance….  “What do I do? ” I asked..  What I found was amazing!! The receptionist suggested I check into Walmart, Costco, and even Canada to see if I could find something less…HUH!!?!?!? CANADA!?!? I couldn’t believe it but with a touch of a button I was saving over half the costs!!  Even with shipping! 

Here is the link: Pharmacy Checker

If you haven’t tried this I would highly recommend looking into it!  I AM SOLD!!

Below is a personal example of a search I did on Advair. A miracle drug that has saved me from a life with Asthma!

 Without insurance coverage this would be $350.00 for a 30 day supply!!!  KNEES SHAKING!!! 



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