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Business Start Up Alternative: Purchase an Existing Business. Great info From Homeprenuers Blog!

Starting a business from scratch – home business or small business – is often an iffy and possibly pricey process. Legal issues, licensing, permits, location, building a customer base – to name a few – are time-consuming with no guarantee of success. Even if launching goes well, the break-even point could be some years away, even with the best of research and planning.

There are other options for would-be entrepreneurs: buying an existing franchise or business.       

Purchasing a current concern has advantages and some drawbacks also. We’ll step back from the ‘yeah – that’s it!‘ moment and examine the issue.

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Looking to Start A Home Business and Need Funds?

You have a great idea, one that may be the next blockbuster creation. A prototype product is assembled in your home office, garage, living room or on the kitchen table. Friends like it and have told you to market the product and make big $$. This is all fine and grand, but you have one small problem: you don’t have the startup funds, credibility or infrastructure to launch a major product rollout. Here are two wonderful organizations that can help you achieve your goal: RocketHub and Kickstarter. Each is briefly described below:

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7 Ways To Promote Your Business Online For Free

Another Great Article from Homeprenuers!  


7 Ways To Promote Your Business Online For Free

25 01 2012

Every business needs promotion, regardless of size. This is especially true for the home and small business ventures that don’t have large box stores or sell online. The big question: what are some effective yet cost-effective ways of marketing? In the article, 7 Ways to Promote Your Business Online for Free, Kim Bhasin brings out several suggestions that are fairly easy and FREE. Free does not mean cheap, ineffective or any less valuable. To the contrary, many of Bhasin’s suggestions use the Internet as a communications media. Using the Internet allows for potentially huge audiences and customers. Nothing in history compares to the power and reach of the Internet as a marketing medium.

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5 Internet Work From Home Jobs!

Here are several more options that are basically work from home, though some paid shopping may be required! Each of these is recommended by an expert panel as legitimate options for extra money. The Internet provides incredible opportunities to make a little extra money on the side or to supplement an income. Homepreneurs strongly encourages you to take a look at these options.

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