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As my wife and I were finishing our shopping we saw her dad Dwain Johnson walking out of a store with a big box in hand..   Looking curiously at him he humbly responded by saying they were his books..  “Books?” we asked. Getting into the car he explained that he was invited to write a portion of a book.  Dwain is always filled with surprises yet this one was one of his biggest and you knew it by the look in his eyes.  He wasn’t boasting, but it was a great accomplishment and we could tell by his quiet nature.   Jenny and I looked at each other in amazement and quickly opened a book for ourselves to find out that he was a “co-author“!! The book is titled “Initiative” . A huge accomplishment and a future best seller!!

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Dwain was not just selected by anyone, he was selected by Greg S. Reid , an author who has Published in over 42 books, 19 languages, with over a dozen #1 best-sellers!   As you can see by the line up of authors on this book, Greg carefully hand selected each individual who has a  proven track record of success and would add even more inspiration to those reading. One in particular is Brian Tracy, a well-known speaker I listened to when I first got into mortgages..  This book is a can’t miss!  Be sure to order it today!!

“This book is a must read for today’s struggling economy”

 “The fact is – the reviews are off the charts.

People LOVE this book!”

“An inspirational story that grabs you from the start. It will motivate your spirit and encourage you to achieve your boldest dreams.”

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