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“GIFTED HANDS”…Naperville Woman Works Miracles with Her Hands!!

The other day my wife hired a masseuse for my Birthday, Debbie Edburg- “A Traveling Masseuse“.

I didn’t know what to expect and don’t get many massages, but recently with pain I have been experiencing I was totally up for it!

As 10AM rolled around I heard a knock and it was Debbie!  She was right on time!!   GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION!  With a BIG smile and warm presence Debbie was a natural at making you feel comfortable with what was going to take place.  Being a novice it can be awkward or even scary at times, but she made me feel “right at home”  In fact, as she set her table up she set the TV on the light music and lit candles to provide the ambiance of the spa and tranquility.   She really made the her surroundings adapt to her so I could get the whole experience.  Pretty amazing to see!

Before we started the session she briefly prepared me for the experience by explaining what she was going to do and asked if I needed any special attention on hurting areas.. All I could think of  was  “MY FOOT!!!!!” For three weeks I have been suffering from either arthritis or swelling from the surgery that I had 4 weeks prior, but wasn’t quite sure what was going on. all I knew was I  have been using was pain killers and nothing was working.   With a grin and look of confidence Debbie said, “No problem, I will make sure to concentrate on that and it will be fine in the end!”   I have heard people saying they have had pain go away before from treatments like this before, but was very skeptical..   How could she seriously stop this agonizing pain by “just” touching my foot?

As the session began,  I could tell Debbie was “gifted” in this.  I have never felt such a perfect touch before from a masseuse.  Not too hard and not too soft.  Absolutely perfect!  With the music playing and my muscles beginning to relax I knew this was going to be good.  One of those experiences you have to just let go of and embrace!  What a good feeling!!  And at home of all places!! I thought I would need to go to a high class resort to get this experience, but no, this was was right at my door step and half the price!

She started at the top of my head working the sinus cavities and then working her way to my feet..THE REAL TEST.. As she neared the foot all I could think about was “how the heck was she going to stop it from hurting???”   The she did something different that I have ever felt before. It was a light tapping around the bottom of the foot and very light along with move the ankle back and forth as if in a light shaking motion..along with light rubbing and then going to the calve and rubbing in circulation.  I am no doctor or masseuse, but this was different than anything I have ever had felt before.. Slowly the pain subsided and as she laid my foot down nothing.  Almost as if it weren’t there, but it was, and with no pain!! Halleluiah!!! By the time she was done I stood and literally felt no pain at all. I  had more flexibility than any other time since the surgery!! I was completely amazed!  HOW!?!?  Later she explained that she was performing some reflexology on the foot, but only a small amount because of the condition and recent trauma that had taken place during the surgery..  I could not believe it..  I felt like I just had a shaman come heal me!!  Yet it was better. Her company name is “Gifted Hands” and she believes that God has given her the gift to make people feel good by allowing her to do massage therapy!  “I MUST SAY!”   I wasn’t expecting this to happen!  She truly does have a gift!

Also, I have to mention that when I tried to talk I completely made no sense at all and could not think straight after it was over. Pretty comical!  I was glad I took the day off of work.. I would have lost a lot of business!!  Her explanation was “massage brain”.  Laughing at the phrase, she explained that is was a state that people get into after a massage. A sense of becoming so relaxed it’s hard to communicate..

Clearly this was an experience that I would recommend, so if you are in need of stress relief or dealing with any pain call Debbie!  You will not be disappointed!  This month she is offering $49.00 for an hour long massage and if you book three sessions she will drop it to $44.00 per session!!!  You can’t beat it or beat the fact that she will come to your home and bring the spa to you!  I will definitely hire her again!!  Thanks Debbie!

Here is her contact information cell: 815-757-2008  her email is Be sure to tell her Bill referred you!!  Have a great day!

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