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Looking Ahead…Time to Go Paperless!! 3 Great Websites to Help!!

Piles of papers are stacking up around me and it seems to be getting worse… Now is the time!! I have finally made a decision to go “completely” paperless!  Yeah I know,  many of you are already there, but consider me the late bloomer.  One that needs something so easy a child could do it. Not to mention, something “full proof”. Not losing anything.. I guess you could say I am a “doc hoarder” or it might have something to do with my parents growing up in the depression era and passing the gene of “saving everything” to me…  Though with the help of my brother, I was able to find three resources to help ease my worries.  Let me know what you think!    

1.  CARBONITE-  An offsite back up system, “guaranteed” automatically back up everything on your computer without you even knowing.  If your computer crashes, you just pull the information from carbonite as if you never lost it!  Awesome!!  My old hard drive broke and later found out external hard drives are only good for a couple of years..  Not good..

2.  CCLEANER-  an easy computer cleaner.. Just a click of a button and you have eliminated unwanted items that are slowing down your system.. Very effective for me since I save everything.

3.   EDOC ORZGANIZER-  Scan and click!  An easy way to organize all of you personal files and business.  All color coordinated which makes it easy to recognize when searching..



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